About company «METAL-KOMPLEKT Dnepr» Ltd.

«MK Dnepr» Ltd. started its history in the company SPF-Metal Komplekt, Kamensk-Ural, Russia. According to independent experts SPF-Metal Komplekt is the company №1 in non-ferrous metal trading in Russia and CIS countries. In 2007, based on own experience in the creation of service centers for non-ferrous metal trading (19 trading offices, 13 of which are regional trading offices, they sell their products under a single brand «Metal Komplekt»), the company decided to establish non-ferrous metal and stainless steel trading office in Ukraine.

So in July 2007 was registered the company «METAL-KOMPLEKT Dnepr» Ltd. — office / warehouse in Dnepropetrovsk, with local offices:

  • office / warehouse, Kiev,
  • office / warehouse, Kharkov.

Today «MK DNEPR» Ltd. is a young company, but success in achieving their goals is due to years of experience with well coordinated team, all members of our staff are working in the company for 4-10 years. The middle age of our employees is about 35 years. Our employees’ work experience in the trade (stainless and special steels, titanium and non-ferrous metals) is about 10 years.

We will be grateful for the continued cooperation with us as established suppliers. We are sure that the partnership with us will only bring positive results to your companies. Our confidence in your reliability as partners has never raised doubts. One of the most important tasks of our work is the creation of the company with a reputation which customers, suppliers adn employees of the company can rely on.

We are sure, that we always can do better with you.